Most people worry that April arrives too quickly, no doubt because of that dreaded 15th; I worry that April, and its potential temperature fluctuation, will cause many of my plants to come out of hibernation too soon!!  I covered a flower bed, containing my all time favorite Bleeding Heart, only once so far this year.  That is a record low compared to year's past.  Spring 2019 has truly been beautiful and the month of April was a photographer's dream!  As I ventured out to see what plants I will need to replace and started to pull weeds in our many flower beds, I literally stumbled upon this single viola.  Growing in the middle of landscape stones and on a pathway to a stepping stone walkway this little beauty survived many elements.  How it got there to begin with is a mystery!?!  I am torn between leaving it in its place or giving it a better home in a pot.....  So while I am pondering its future, I felt that it at least deserved to be the focal point for this month's blog....and on a birthday card!!  Available in the shop and ships free to anywhere in the US.

Look for new photos, suitable for framing, in the shop too!!  Sneak peek of a favorite of mine.......

As we head into May, I am planning field trips to our local greenhouses and a visit to the Floral Mart Extravaganza in Franklin - hoping to fill out my flower beds and naturally, give me lots and lots of photo ops!!!

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