January and February are months perfectly suited to reorganization, renewal and reflection......well, at least they are for me.  I planned to reorganize my kitchen during the month of January and to my surprise, that project was completed ahead of time - of course, I had to re-reorganize and am still trying to find the items that I moved!!  February is going to be my "tech" renewal month - learning the in's and out's of Instagram, Pinterest, Shutterstock and even Etsy, with hopes of growing the Studio's business.  As for reflection, since this past year's shows were somewhat disappointing, I guess the time has come to take a long, hard look at my product line.  While photography is my first love, it is obvious that people are not using "snail mail" and greeting cards, no matter how happy I am with the results, just aren't in vogue.   As with all business ventures, I know that you need to be patient and willing to listen and learn from those with experience. I recently read a quote that really hit home..."Success is often three feet away from where we decide to quit."  Very true, so I am really hopeful that what I learn from the online experts provides me with the insight needed to become more successful!!  

So, while I am hitting the "on-line learning" books regarding my photography ventures, I have decided to feature several cat related product offerings.  It helps that I have a number of four-legged helpers letting me know if I am on the right track......

I don't think I have had a cat that wasn't interested in a bag or a box....And the "Crinkle Sack" is no exception.  Constructed of 100% cotton fabric, made cozy with quilt batting and "Crinkles" with a cellophane insert.  The lady bug patterned material, that Squirt is making use of, will be available as well as polka dots, hearts, stars and more.  All are handmade and made to order. Each sack will include a trim or overstitching that makes your purchase "one-of-a kind".  Plans for organic catnip toys and tunnels are in the works so please check back from time to time!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!