Wow, 2019 - Amazing.....

I have never been a "resolution" type of person.  I do, at the end of each year, reflect on what was and what could have been.  And, based on those reflections, consider my plans for the new year.  I believe that instead of setting yourself up for failure by grand resolutions one should keep things simple and just.....Smile!!  So when situations happen that you cannot control - like entering 2019 without power - think about an amusing picture or cute joke and just.....Smile.  It has to be better for your blood pressure and you don't have to apologize for saying something you can't take back!!  I believe there is a saying that goes something like - "Smile, it makes everyone wonder what you are up to!"  I will admit to trying my "just Smile" philosophy while shopping and it really seems to take people by surprise, most smile back.......maybe they are wondering what I am up to, who knows!  Can't hurt to try!

So..... if you don't have an amusing picture to reflect on I have provided my "Where's Doodle" photo so you too can .....just Smile!!

New prints will be arriving in the Studio soon so please stop back to take a look!

Wishing everyone a Safe, Happy and Healthy 2019!!