I have been creating "stuff" for more years that I should admit to.....  And, I do admit to sometimes asking myself.....why!?!  But recently while reading an article on opportunities and how it is a great time for women to be striking out on their own, the closing statement touched a nerve.  It said:  "I feel that I'd rather fail at what I'm passionate about than be successful in something I'm not that interested in." Boy is that ever a true statement!!  I so love my camera and the moments that I've been able to capture forever in time.  I also love that I can print those moments on paper, cardstock or fabric.  And yes, it could be "just" a hobby, but the passion for me is sharing the final result.  It means so much for someone to say, "wow, that shot makes me feel like I'm there!"  The evolution of photography has made what I am doing right now so much easier.  I can't imagine what will happen in the future.  That in itself keeps my creative juices flowing, looking for the next big thing!!!  I don't think you should ever give up, if you enjoy what you are doing.  Hard to do when the results are not quite what you hoped for, but another quote that keeps me going is "Success is often three feet away from where we decide to quit."  So I will keep up the research, try new things, think outside of the box....whatever it takes for my creative juices to continue flowing !!!

October is the start of "show" time.  I don't do as many shows as I used to but even if it is only one, you need to have new merchandise on display.  A few weeks ago, I added to the Studio's listings - Wall Art for the Cat Lover.  The prints in that collection are creatively "ripped" and the adhered to a white washed wooden box-like frame.  What follows is a variation that I plan to have available  at my November 2nd show and then in the Studio.   

The finished product measures 6" x 6" x 1-3/4" and takes up very little space on a wall!!  Each print offers just that pop of color to complete a grouping.  Perfect little Holiday gift!!  And, as always, should you like a print other than what I am featuring please contact me.  Any of my photographs can be converted to wall art.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!