I will freely admit to loving Thanksgiving over all of the other Holidays.  Memories of my Grandma fixing dinner for, at times, 50 people will remain with me forever.  I was always in awe of how she was able to pull that dinner together, with tables set in every downstairs room.  And; if you asked her how many people were coming, she rarely knew the total as her sister worked in a children's home and any child that wasn't going with family came to Grams.  I still like to "steal" olives from the relish tray as we did in year's past.  After I married and Gram was no longer able to have the dinner we hosted many "merged friend and family" Thanksgivings at our house.  While our highest attendance was 22, (not quite 50) our door will always be open to anyone having no where to go.  And I will always credit my Grandma Hopkins for those feelings!

Wishing everyone a Memorable Thanksgiving!!!  And hoping that you will return soon!